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Trinity Method Value Once your visitor is on your site, do you give them something beyond the expect. content Do you offer tools. Do you give him a video? Do you give him a guide to download? A good headline catches once, valuable content focus. on your buyer persona generates recurring visitors. As an example , look at this Blogging Tips post. He could have made a white paper with it! Content, how to, links, tools. the value it grants is brutal! Method-Trinity If you find the post useful, share it on Google.

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Call to action In the end, the moment comes when, after receiving, the user must give something of himself; he knows it and you can askbut he won’t give you anything for nothing, but for the promise of something else. If you invite them to subscribe to your content, do you give them a free white paper or e-book? If you want me to book an appointment with you, do you offer him a discount if he leaves his information? As an example, look at the Denmark Phone Number List Entrepreneurs on Fire blog , who at the end of each post offer you a free e-book —or almost— because they ask for your name and email. (Of course, the very design of his box is worthy of a new Trinity analysis.

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Written by Luis Maram Explanation of why you should write titles thinking more about mobile searches. Get to know the latest statistics and data about it. What will you find in this content? And what does this have to do with content marketing? How to write titles for this new stage of content? Which has benefits? In recent years, Internet usage has gradually shift. from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. A lot of content and TH Lists social m.ia channels, in particular, have become an on-the-go activity. How does that affect content marketing and especially the practice of writing headlines ? According to the latest Nielsen data, US users of Facebook and Twitter already spend more time using the services on their smartphones than on their computers.

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