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The type of content that appears to be preferr. And then analyze the specific contents that your target audience prefers. If the objective is to reach new followers. Increasing the number of publications on social mia will allow you to reach a larger audience and therefore increase brand awareness. However. It is important to also focus on the quality of your content and not just the quantity. Recommend kpi: the number of publications on social mia. 3. Members of social mia communities when we talk about communities on social mia. Be it fans on facebook.

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The 7 key indicators (kpis) for a social mia strategy. 1. Distribution of content on social mia once you’ve draft. Review. And publish your content—whether it’s a whitepaper . Blog post. Or infographic—you ne to distribute it. In addition to sharing via newsletters and sharing directly with customers and potential customers. To generate awareness . Most brands distribute content via social networks such as linkin. Instagram. Facebook and more. The analysis allows us to understand: which social platforms are best suit for distributing specific content: linkin might be b2b leads best for downloading whitepapers. While instagram might be best for blog posts or awareness content . The profile

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And often ruc to the simple numerical count of followers. Fans. Or engagement on a social platform. But this is not enough. You ne to be aware of what your target  TH Lists audience wants. How they search for it and finally understand if your content meets these searches. Here are some key points to keep in mind about this: you ne to set clear goals for your social mia strategy. You ne to know the right key indicators (kpis) to measure the results of your actions. Each goal should have a numerical value. Known as a metric . The indicators (kpis) necessary for social mia analysis now that we’ve talk about the importance of analytics. It’s time to go into detail on a practical level and examine

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