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Understand what’s going on and also how to solve problems and make improvements for the future . The last type of analysis is the most complete because it provides real solutions as well as showing what is happening at a given moment. We therefore recommend using prescriptive analytics because. Although it takes more time. It provides much more precise results to work with. Where did social mia come from? Data are king and as mention above. Analytics is crucial to any aspect of your business but it gets slightly more complicat when it comes to social mia. The lack of clear tools to actually measure the campaign objectives set results in data analysis that is challenging

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However. Before delving into the concept of analysis. It is important to underline that it does not just consist of observing data and drawing conclusions; data analysis can be of three types : descriptive : this type of analysis simply shows the information provid by the multiple tools we use every day – that is. It shows only what is happening at a given moment. Descriptive analytics is “the use of a set of historical data to enable comparison.” prictive : this type of analysis allows. Bas on the results of previous campaigns and activities. To prict the performance of future campaigns. b2b email list  Prescriptive : the most in-depth form of analytics. Prescriptive analytics helps you

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Prepare an action plan to manage it and control it before it represents a real problem for the brand. Click here to discover other ways in which monitoring and measuring the impact of marketing strategies can help you optimize their roi.Why is analytics so important? “analysis consists of examining an activity with the aim of focusing on actions focus on results” says vilma núñez : “knowing the results of your actions allows you to analyze not only whether they work or not. But also to know  TH Lists better your users : what they are like. What their interests are and so on. And knowing them will allow you to correctly orient your campaigns and be much more efficient (and effective)”.

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