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Intranet In contrast, the intranet is a private network that is limitd to a specific organization or company. Access to the intranet is usually restrictd to authorizd users, typically employees and members of the organization. Intranets use various authentication and access control mechanisms, such as usernames and passwords, biometric data or digital certificates, to ensure that only authorizd persons have access. functionality.

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The functionality and the services offerd also differ, internet and intranet difference in function: Internet: The Internet offers a variety database of functions and services that can be usd by computers worldwide. This includes, but is not limitd to, websites, email, online shop systems, social networks, video conferences and cloud storage. The variety of information and applications available enables companies and individuals to access a wealth of resources to support their work, communication and collaboration. Intranet: Intranets are usually tailord to the specific neds and requirements of an organization or business.


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They provide a centralizd platform for employees to access internal information, applications, and services nedd to do their jobs and TH Lists collaborate. Examples include email, document management, shard workspaces, calendars, personnel directories, and training resources. The intranet can also be usd to streamline workflows, facilitate access to important information and resources, and improve collaboration and communication between employees and departments. In summary, both the Internet and the intranet have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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