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We join forces to create the perfect public relations strategy for your company. How to prepare a brief for a public relations agency? There is a brief at the beginning, and then everything else! The brief is the basis for the client’s cooperation with the public relations agency. This is a kind of guide to the company’s PR. A brief for a PR agency should consist of several elements. The first pages of the document should contain a detaile description of the company. First of all, it is necessary to determine the features that distinguish the company from the competition, make it unique in its own way.

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Awareness of brand attributes is the basis for creating an effective image strategy. In addition, it is worth presenting: the mission of the company – why it exists, vision of the company – what it wants to be, what it strives for, location and structures, history. The brief should contain information about the company’s offer, about its products or database services. This is especially important if communication activities are to concern these products/services. It is worth highlighting which resources are crucial for the company – along with defining their strengths and weaknesses. The target group should also be describe in detail in this section. This will help build a strong strategy.


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The brief must also present: the company’s environment, the industry, market rivals, market structure, market trends, current position of the company, goals – both business and communication; what results should the public relations activities TH Lists bring, form of cooperation – assistance in a specific area of ​​public relations or comprehensive image consulting , campaign time and budget. Preparing a brief is a process that requires time and full commitment. Remember that the more detaile the document, the greater the chance that the agency will understand your expectations and create an effective strategy.

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