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Bas on the job duties list above, you will be expect to possess the following skills: Extensive experience in IT security and/or IT risk management A solid understanding of security protocols, cryptography, authentication, and authorization In-depth knowlge of current IT risks and ample experience implementing security solutions Extensive technical knowlge in core as of IT infrastructure, including server and desktop hardw and operating systems, data networks, relat monitoring and management systems, and storage and backups Experience applying security controls in as such as Windows servers, LAN and WANs, WAF, wi-fi, firewalls, Unix/Linux servers, IDS/IPS, mobile security, and DLP An ability to interact with a broad cross-section of staff to explain and enforce security measures.

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This requires excellent leadership and interpersonal skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills A high level of personal integrity Analytical skills Problem-solving skills The ability to manage multiple activities under strict timelines The ability to work well in a demanding, dynamic environment Alongside these essential hard Nepal WhatsApp Number List and soft skills, you ne to be motivat to learn about the latest principles, theories, practices, and techniques for improving computer security. Also, while many penetration testers able to find work without a degree (since you can train yourself in ethical hacking), security architects ne to have a broad and thorough understanding of a company’s computer system. There many IT issues that a security architect has to deal with.

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This is why the knowlge and skills that come with a degree often necessary. What skills requir to become a security architect? As with other subsets of cyber security, a security architect nes to have a specific set of knowlge and skills. Reputable Master’s degrees include: UC Berkeley School of Information’s Master of Information and TH Lists Cybersecurity (MICS) A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Masters of Engineering in Cybersecurity University of Delaw’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity Also, given the advanc nature of the security architect position, having a PhD may be beneficial.

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