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A security architect must learn who has access to the computer system and where the weak points . He or she should then be able to recommend effective ways to update and improve the level of security, through both hardw and softw. A company will also expect a security architect to set user policies and protocols, as well as monitor and enforce them. Another part of the role involves setting up countermeasures that protect the system in the event of an unauthoriz user gaining access to the system.

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What does a security architect do? Your exact responsibilities as a security architect will vary, depending on the type of organization you work for, the size of the IT team, the organization’s cyber security demands, your qualifications, and your level of experience. Nonetheless, there some fundamental tasks you will be expect to carry Netherlands WhatsApp Number List out as a security architect, including: Reviewing the existing system security measures and recommending and implementing improvements Carrying out penetration testing (an authoriz simulat cyberattack). This allows you to find vulnerabilities in a system and resolve them before a hacker discovers them Ensuring the continuous monitoring of network security Developing project timelines for ongoing upgrades to the IT system Making sure that all staff have access to the IT system in a limit way, defin by their nes and their role Establishing recovery procures in the cases of disaster.

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Such as a natural disaster or a widespread cyberattack Promptly responding to all security incidents and then providing analyses after the event Raising awness of cyber security within the organization Arranging and continuing the ucation of staff to ensure that security policies follow at all times Being aw of the latest developments in TH Lists both security and hacking There various tools that security architects can use to identify weaknesses in a computer system, including nmap, Kali Linux, Wireshark, Metasploit, and John the Ripper.

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