What is Dwell Time and how can it influence your SEO positioning

Today I want to talk to you about Dwell Time a very important metric that, like Pogo Sticking. Is related to what the user does in the SERP. This is a concept that goes beyond being a KPI that measures our time. As it gives us information that can help us improve our position in Google results. Therefore, if you are interested in improving your organic visibility in Internet search engines. Today we will see what Dwell Time is and how it influences SEO . I will also tell you which factors related to user experience that you must keep optimized to achieve a good result in this KPI. .

What is Dwell Time for Google?

Dwell Time is the time that passes from when a user clicks on any of the results of an organic email leads search. To visit that page, until they decide to return to the SERP listing again. If we go back to the Offline origin of this KPI, it was a Marketing metric that was related to the time. A potential customer spent looking at the window of a physical store. But, if we see it from the point of view of the Online world and the SEO environment. There is a very important evolution. Now, as you have seen in the definition that I have shown you previously. On the Internet people come to visit our Web pages from Google. And after spending some time on them. They almost always return to the search engine results again. So, taking into account that positioning algorithms also evaluate the user experience.

How is Dwell Time measured?

Why do users make these jumps? Most likely, they do not like the design of the site they have entered. The quality of the TH Lists content they have found, or perhaps simply because. They want to analyze much more than a single result to contrast the information they are needing. Seen this way, in theory, a website that has a low Dwell Time could be more likely to suffer. A decrease in its positions in Google search results. This statement contradicts what I’m sure you’re thinking right now. what happens when a person has found the information they’re looking for. And just leaves And it’s true, there are also many searches where the most relevant thing.The short time it takes the user to leave the page. Once they have found what they were looking for and don’t need anything else .

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