OKR and how to implement this methodology in your company?

How much time do you spend looking for management methods and tools for your company. Today I want to talk to you about the OKR methodology. The management model used by the largest brands in the world. And that you can also implement in your business. Surely you have heard about the importance of good planning and correct management. Two of the most necessary tasks for the medium and long-term survival of any project. The absence of planning in companies results in extreme dependence on the market. Which translates into their massive closure when times of crisis arrive. So that this does not happen to you. I will tell you how you can incorporate this methodology into your. Project and we will also see some practical examples..

What is OKR?

The purpose of this methodology is to align all the people who are part. Of the company towards the fulfillment top people data of the general objectives. Companies like Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Netflix or Semrush trust their. Work planning in the OKR methodology, something that improves teamwork. And gives them much more credibility and confidence. In the case of Google, its evolution has been very striking. They have been implementing this methodology since 1999. When they barely had 40 employees on staff. And today, more than 20 years later, the Internet giant. Has more than 60,000 professionals on its team. The best thing about this methodology is that any person.

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The operation of the methodology is based on creating smaller objectives. That achieve the achievement of TH Lists the general objective . And, in turn, these partial objectives must have defined actions and key results that are indicators. That you are managing to meet them. The creation of the OKR system begins with the definition of. A global and annual objective for the organization. From here, you also have to create quarterly objectives ( the method itself advises not defining. More than 3 or 4 objectives for each quarter of the year ). And then, for each of these smaller objectives, you have to detail. What actions you must carry out to meet them, in addition to the indicators or. Key results that show you success or not in their quarterly evolution. These key results have to be measurable.

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