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As of the time of writing, Democrats and the Biden administration are considering amending the law, rather than repealing it entirely. They want to hold tech companies more responsible for moderating content on their services, but it’s not clear how such an amendment will take shape. It’s worth mentioning that Biden tend to on the winning side of censorship more often than not during his campaign. In one notable example, Twitter and Facebook censor an article publish by the New York Post alleging the then-candidate’s son’s ties to a Ukrainian Energy firm. Biden’s website says it plans to create a task force that will recommend how governments, tech companies, schools, and other organizations should deal with online harassment.

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The task force’s recommendations could include regulating tech companies or changes to Section 230. Government-fund research and reports Most academic research in the Unit States is ferally fund and thus paid for by taxpayers, but much of it is not public. Academic publishers act as gatekeepers, charging libraries and individuals exorbitant Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List fees to access research that was publicly fund. Often the authors submit their research for free, so the profits are solely harvest by publishers. Open access initiatives seek to allow public access to publicly fund academic research at no cost and with no penalty for sharing.

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Biden has openly support removing barriers to fast, public access to research papers and data. Prior to Biden, the Trump administration censor research, data, and other materials relating to climate change. The previous administration also issu a rule that allow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to downplay or ignore mical data relat to pollution and exposure to toxic substances. The Biden administration has signal it has no interest in limiting the ability of feral agencies to use the “st available science.” Climate change is now a front-and-center subject on environmental agencies’ websites again. Censorship in other countries TH Lists Censorship of the internet is common in autocratic countries. Content blocks are usually carri out by internet service providers at the hest of the government.

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