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Those in power use censorship to silence dissent, prevent opponents from communicating and organizing, and keep out external influence. In 2011, Biden gave a speech in which he warn countries that engaging in censorship wouldn’t reap the internet’s economic nefits. He hasn’t explicitly said much more on other countries’ web censorship since then. As vice president in 2013, Biden weigh into Chinese authorities for withholding visas from Western reporters working in the country. End-to-end encryption Although end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is more of a privacy issue than a censorship one, it’s still worth mentioning here.

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End-to-end encryption ensures that only the recipient of a message or file can decrypt it. Even the developer of the app that facilitates the communication cannot decrypt the message. E2EE allows two or more parties to privately communicate without worrying about snooping by any third parties. Advocates say it’s good for privacy, but Macedonia WhatsApp Number List opponents say it protects criminals, which is why some people want it bann. It’s us in many file transfer and communication apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. Banning E2EE, or requiring backdoor access for law enforcement, would give governments unrestrict access to private communications, which in turn would have a chilling effect on free speech.

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People don’t communicate freely if they know they’re ing monitor. Furthermore, cyrsecurity experts argue that an encryption backdoor for law enforcement would also a backdoor for criminals and nation-state threat actors. The Obama administration engag in no small amount of cyrspying and bulk data collection while Biden was VP, as reveal by ward Snowden in 2013. Those policies don’t look good in the eyes of privacy advocates, but it’s not entirely clear where Biden stands on E2EE at the TH Lists time of writing.An MBA in cyr security can a great option if you want to pursue a more senior, managerial, or business-orient career in IT.

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