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You ne to be aw of the latest technological developments relat to your field. This will ensure that you always stay one step ahead of hackers and prevent any serious security issues from arising. How to become a security architect If this job description sounds appealing and you want to pursue this cer path, you will ne to follow some necessary steps. We have formulat a five-step process that will take you from where you now to getting hir as a security architect. Here’s how to become a security architect: Create a clear plan Look into relevant degrees Consider certificates Start your job search Keep learning 1. Create a clear plan First, you will ne a clear plan on how to become train as a security architect. This plan should include information on.

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How you will gain the necessary skills, focusing on relevant degrees, certificates, years of IT experience, personal development, and other cyber security roles that can lead to a security architect position Whether you want to work for a private firm, government agency, or NGO The specific industry you want to work in, which should be Nigeria WhatsApp Number List bas on your interests, values, and passions. Security architects ne in all types of industry, including finance, environment, energy, ucation, mia, and transport The specific requirements a company has for hiring a security architect (you can contact recruiters directly to find out what qualifications necessary or desirable, for example) 2. Look into relevant degrees As mention previously, you will ne a degree to be consider for a security architect position.

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A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject like computer science, computer engineering, softw development, cyber security, or IT will likely be the minimum. Here some examples of Bachelor’s degrees TH Lists to consider: Rice University’s BA in Computer Science Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science Cybersecurity Degree Norwich University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security However, some employers will require or prefer that you have a Master’s degree in one of these subjects.

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