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CONTENT Accord. to the Mean.ful Brands study by HAVAS. A global consultancy, consumers would not mind if eight out of ten brands disappear. Because they consider what they communicate to be inconsequential. For this reason, brands like Nike, Levi’s, Starbucks, LEGO, Natura, Dove , among others. Earn the respect and love of the people by develop. Content and campaigns that are truly a role model in reputation market. Today users want content thatUCATE INSPIRE ENTERTAIN REPORT HELP REWARD. And with this base we have design. Our train on this subject. A unique program in the market. Which combines aspects of digital market. Reputation, corporate responsibility and communication. What is Reputation Market. Reputational market.

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Is the use of market techniques and tools to improve the perception. Of our brand among all of our audiences, includ. customers, prospects, and captives. Brands like adidas, Unilever, The Body Shop, Rolex, LEGO know that market. is no Indonesia Phone Number List longer just a tool to generate sales but has become the batter. Ram that drives awareness, trust, emotional ties and the desire to the marks. Reputation communication Reputation Market. Train Duration hours (taught in one or up to three sessions) Channel Online or face-to-face (in our studio or at your facilities) Through our TRAIN. We guarantee a general understand. of the digital landscape and how to create a market. strategy focus. On increas the reputation of your brand, whether what you are look.

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For is an increase in your perception of a leader and expert in a niche or area. Or disseminate corporate responsibility actions. We will explain how to use the content to perform better on Google. On your social networks and through email market. She is TH Lists passionate about social responsibility and for years content coordinator at Expok. Experts in social responsibility. Digital communicatio consultant. Our train is full of success stories so you can learn from them. And we speak from personal brands to corporate giants.

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