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In Mexico, prices are plus VAT. Internationally no taxes are charg. What includes? effective hours of training in digital marketing Exercises and digital templates PDF course Constancy When. Get in touch with us to determine. The date that suits you best. contact us Your name (requir.) Your email (requir.) Affair Your message Who teaches Luis Maram. Itor of this site that is the marketing blog with the most traffic in. Mexico (More than K visitors each month) and of ExpokNews. The social responsibility portal with more than half a million monthly visitors.

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He is the digital manager of the content for the Scotiabank PyME blog and the Fundación Gigante social networks. He has given dozens of marketing conferences and trainings in Mexico and abroad. He is also responsible for the Content and India Phone Number ListB Social Networks module in the ITAM Digital Marketing Diploma and in Ne ucation, Digital Transformation for managers. Luis Maram is also an expert in brand reputation and corporate responsibility. louis maram Do I have a guarantee? We have advis. companies of all sizes and lines of business on digital communication, from SMEs to corporations: schools, hotels, banks, retailers, CSOs, clothing brands, among many others.

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Rest assur that when you finish your digital marketing training with us, you will feel more confident about the direction you should take, the plan you should follow, and the goals you ne. to achieve.Training in digital Marketing for TH Lists reputation How to use digital tools to build a brand with a reputation , a lov., respect., desir. brand? Why do it and what would it imply? Post-pandemic, we live in a paradigm where consumers not only want quality products, but brands they can trust, admire. Brands they want to talk about. Marketing focus. solely and obsessively on sales, has learn.

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