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Not only will they have access to free daily webinars covering everything from VPNs to 3D printers, but they can also drop into the university for tech support or be match with a student mentor for one-on-one tuition. Age Friendly Rhode Island also offers free Zoom-bas classes. Not all of these are computer-relat, but some are, and there’s even a weekly tech support call where the host takes questions. Conveniently, this organization also provides a list of senior centers and their contact information, making it easy for you to enquire about computer classes in your area. Remember: even if your local senior center doesn’t provide these, there’s a good chance that a nearby library will.

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The University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and Rhode Island Community College all provide free tuition to state residents over the age of 60. However, this is means-test, so you’ll only qualify if you make less than $37,470 per year living alone, or $50,730 if you live with a partner. South Carolina CyberGenerations is a scheme from the Romania Phone Number List Air Force Association that was pioneer at Shaw Air Force Base, SC. It aims to teach older adults about common online scams and train them in ways to protect themselves. This program includes several video guides on topics like password management and social mia safety, plus a self-pac virtual workshop, and links to reliable sources for further research.

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All in all, this is a great way to start learning about cybersecurity. If you’re new to computers and looking for more general training, you may be able to find free in-person classes at your local library or community center. Alternatively, Richland Library has put together a fantastic selection of free, beginner-level tutorials spanning everything from TH Lists using email to protecting your computer from viruses. Most of these can be access by anyone, although Lynda-bas classes require you to have a local library card.

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