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State Code 59-111-320 says that if you’re 60+ and a resident of South Carolina, you don’t have to pay tuition at state-support colleges or universities. Application, material, and lab fees still apply. South Dakota Despite having very strong laws on elder fraud, South Dakota has few widely-publiciz digital literacy organizations. As such, you’ll likely have to get in touch with nearby libraries or community centers to see if they provide any free computer classes. Sturgis Public Library, for instance, has one-on-one lessons, although you’ll have to make an appointment for these.

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Others, like South Dakota State Library and Rapid City Public Library, offer online self-pac study on sites like LearningExpress and Universal Class instead. Universal Class has modules on cybersecurity and computer literacy, plus it doesn’t require a library card to use; you just have to sign up with your email address beforehand. Note that we Senegal Phone Number List only recommend the free courses; beginner-level information like this platform provides is freely available elsewhere. Although the state doesn’t waive tuition fees, it does offer a 45 percent discount for residents over 65. Tennessee The State’s Department of Safety & Homeland Security has a monthly newsletter, a small collection of blog posts, and a few fact sheets about cybersecurity-relat topics.

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While these are fine for obtaining a surface-level understanding, they’re not enough to learn how to adequately protect yourself. Luckily, this site also links to the Stop.Think.Connect. program, which does offer, among other things, actionable steps you can take to prevent cyber-fraud. Many local libraries provide some form of computer training, although not all of them mention this on their websites. As such, it’s a good idea to call and ask just in case. We can confirm that at the very least, Memphis and Williamson County public libraries all offer free in-person computer classes. In fact, Memphis and Nashville public libraries even let you TH Lists start learning online right away, (although you may ne a library card from a support branch to access some materials). If you’d like to learn about cybersecurity at college, you’re in luck.

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