On the Instagram Ads Manager platform

How to do digital advertising

Thanks to our guide to Instagram Ads you will be able to create better digital marketing campaigns. But how to give life to advertising activities on Instagram? It is possible to create adv posts through the Instagram app itself, Facebook Ads Manager or Partners and outsourcing services. You need to create content in line with your image and your target audience and set concrete goals: visits to your profile, website or interaction with the community.

On the Instagram Ads Manager platform you can create UK Phone Number List content for digital advertising activities. Choose an objective relevant to your strategy from the drop-down menu, selecting: Location, Age, Languages, Gender, Detailed Targeting (remove or include individuals based on demographic or interest data), Connections (remove or include individuals who are connected to your company or your brand) and Custom Audiences. In order to select the right audience, in line with your values ​​and interested in your products.

Here are some steps from our Instagram Ads guide to promoting your posts the right way:

Choose content that reflects your brand reputation and is in line and consistent with your values ​​and your identity, and can be interesting and captivating for your audience.

Choose your target

With the “Automatic audience” option you can direct the campaign towards an audience similar to your followers. With “Manual Audiences” instead, you can customize your targeting based on demographics, interests or location.

Set a budget and length for your ad.

Track results: Use the suggested metrics to track TH Lists your ad’s performance and improve them in your next campaigns. Or, for a more refined, complete and accurate investigation, rely on the social media monitoring service offered by L’Eco della Stampa .

Optional: Optimize your ad (e.g. click-through or pays per impression) or add a manual bid amount (e.g. cost-per-click) for budget.

The value of tracking results

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This guide to Instagram Ads is just the first step, but the support of L’Eco della Stampa doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the media analysis of L’Eco della Stampa for example, you will be able to take advantage of further valuable information regarding your brand reputation. By grasping the essential aspects to improve current and subsequent marketing campaigns and convey them in the ideal way for your business.

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