Positions Occupied by the Website for Monitored

It is Worth Monitoring the Quality. Of Content on an Ongoing Basis. So That When You Read What the Report. Shows, Content Marketing Remains at a High Level.

Information About Technical Optimization
This is One of the First Steps an Agency. Takes When It Starts Adapting Its Website. To the Requirements of the Google Algorithm.

However, it is not the case that the changes will be implemented immediately and there will be no need to correct anything in this respect. Over time, various modifications are needed, including: when Google makes changes to the algorithm.

Report From Google Analytics All These Reports

A major reconstruction of the website may also be necessary due to a change in the product range, its limitation or expansion. Another case is modifications resulting from developing technologies and the need to adapt the website to them.

Positions occupied by the website for monitored phrases
Changes in the site’s position can be tracked in various Ws Database tools, and you should receive a report from the SEO company that will show how your site’s position is changing for specific phrases.

You can also monitor it yourself, e.g. in Google Search Console or using appropriate tools. For example, in the free version of the Web position tool, you can use 15 searches per day at no charge. Of course, you can also check key phrases manually from time.

Positioning report from Google My Business

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Additionally, you also have a chart showing the number of redirects and page views, CTR (Click Through Rate) and average position.

The report should include data from GSC, but of course you can also TH Lists monitor it systematically. Just sign in to your Google account, go to this tool, and then verify your website. From this moment, data related to the visibility of your website in Google and more will be collected.

Links to the site
An important element in website positioning is acquiring valuable links. The SEO report should include a full list of them, regardless of where they were obtained.

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