Report From Google Search Console

Gsc is a Treasure Trove of Knowledge. About Your Website, and the Most Important Information. You Can Find There is a List of Search. Queries That Brought the User to Your Website From Google.

In Addition, You Also See Those. Phrases That Led to the Website. Being Displayed in the Search Results, but Did Not Result in a Click. Additionally, You Also Have a Chart Showing. The Number. Of Redirects and Page Views, Ctr (Click Through Rate) and Average Position.

The report should include data from GSC, but of course you can also monitor it systematically. Just sign in to your Google account, go to this tool, and then verify your website. From this moment, data related to the visibility of your website in Google and more will be collected.

Information about the prepared content

Links to the site
An important element in website positioning is acquiring valuable links. The SEO report should include a full list of them, regardless of where they were obtained.

You don’t have to wait for data from the agency – the vast majority Ws Data of links can be easily located using the above-mentioned Ahrefs.

All you need to do is verify your site in the tool, confirm that you have access to manage it, and then you will also get information about almost all the links that lead to it. You can also track only those that have been gained or lost recently.

Note: most often, links located on the agency’s back-end pages are hidden from Ahrefs robots, so you will only learn about them from the SEO report.

Information about technical optimization

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It is important that the company does not hide the fact that it cannot share this data – the report should include a full list of references.

Information about the prepared content
An integral element of an SEO campaign is expanding the content on the website. This includes TH Lists blog entries, product and category descriptions, as well as the content of external publications, i.e. those with links. You should get links to subpages where content has been added or changed.

Monitoring this element when the agency simply makes more changes at will is difficult. If the company determines in advance where it will add or edit content, it remains to check after some time whether this actually happened.

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