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Cerner Corporation IBM Booz, Allen, and Hamilton General Motors Corporation Deloitte General Electric Cisco Systems, Inc. You can also find security architect vacancies on the major job sites, such as ZipRecruiter, Monster, Inde, LinkIn, and Glassdoor, as well as niche job sites like CyberSecJobs and CyberSecurityJobsite. See the salary section below for some examples of companies that pay particularly well for security architect roles. We also highlight the latest information about the salary you can expect from this role, how your salary will progress over time, and where you can find the best jobs.

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Looking for a graduate-level job rather than a senior position? Take a look at our dicat article on entry-level cyber security jobs. What is security architecture? Security architecture refers to the practice of designing computer systems to achieve a set of security goals. This design leads to the overall system that you ne to adequately protect New Zealand WhatsApp Number List an organization’s IT infrastructure and digital assets. This kind of system includes all of the specifications, processes, and standard operating procures (SOPs) that help to prevent, mitigate, and analyze different threats. A security architect is a senior-level cyber security position. The overarching goal of a security architect is to understand the moves and tactics of unethical hackers who trying to gain unauthoriz access to an organization’s computer system.

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Many IT experts feel that former hackers make the best security architects because these people know best how to compromise a system. They could likewise know how to prevent these compromises from taking place. In this way, the role of a security architect is similar to that of a penetration tester, who simulates hacks in order to identify TH Lists weaknesses in the system. But while a security architect may carry out penetration testing, they have more responsibility than a penetration tester.

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