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After a long break, you might need a little help getting started, and support. Chat with other bloggers, read other blogs or hire a coach. There’s no point in being alone and wondering what to do. For example, you can take advantage of the steps here and start blogging from scratch. It can be a good option in some situations, because now you get an overall idea of ​​ build so that it grows and develops in the future as well. The good news is that mistakes can always be corrected. 7 mistakes you should avoid if your blog has been on hiatus Instantly increase blog post shares by 530.43% (Case Study) Case Study | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 922 SHARES Facebook 920 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn Instantly increase blog post shares by 530.43%. If you don’t want to know what affects the number of shares of blog posts on social media, I strongly recommend that you stop reading this post right away. I know I write in-depth and practical posts.

What kind of blog you should

I also know that not everyone likes them. That’s why I want to warn you right now so you don’t waste your time. Although I aimed this post at professionals, I know every blogger dreams of the same thing. That your own post is read and shared a lot. It is quite possible that you will manage to get a lot of shares for your post. Up to 98% of bloggers can do the same. But new database if you don’t know what things really affect the creation of social shares, it is unlikely that you will be lucky again. Why is it important to pay attention to the number of shares of a post? Social Proof. When people see that your post has been shared a lot, they  professional and an expert worth listening to and following. Over the years I have managed to do this 5 times. For the first time, I succeeded already at the time of theOnnellištä blog.

Automatically think of you as a

Unfortunately, I just didn’t understand how to calculate division times, so I can’t relate the number of divisions to the average. Still, it looks nice: I have received a lot of shares on social media for my blog posts even after I founded the blog – without add-ons, plugins or magic tricks. The divisions of these four posts cf. average to divisions are What makes TH Lists people share posts on Facebook? What kind of posts are shared? Is there a formula for this that can be repeated successfully? That’s what I’ll tell you in this post. Instantly increase blog post shares by 530.43% (Case Study) Score: I did a little detective work and listed (18.5.2017) all blog posts related to blogging that received at least 10 shares in a spreadsheet program.

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