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 There have been 46 of them. After that, I added up the division times (2168) and divided it by the number of posts. The average value was Finally, I selected 4 posts that have been shared more than 100 times and compared the shares to them. Increase the number of shares of a blog post by 530.43% (Case Study) It is also interesting how long the average time spent on the posts is. But let’s go through that in another Case Study. Increase the number of shares of a blog post by 530.43% (Case Study) Now that you know what kind of results I’ve gotten, next I’m going to tell you what you can do to achieve similar results. Also read this:  buttons in your blog? In order to get as many shares as possible for your blog posts, you can use the “Raketti-Jako” process I developed.

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It’s a three-step process that’s easy for anyone to implement on their blog. The 3 steps are: Choose a hot topic Narrow down the topic and support it with the right background information KJM Then let’s dive deeper into each step. At the end, I will tell you the new data answers to two other questions that I asked at the beginning of the post. 1. Choose a hot topic If you write about 20 different things in your blog, finding a current or hot topic is really easy. That’s where the ease ends. Let’s say you are writing an expert blog but you are not profiled on any specific topic. You manage to write a great post on a hot topic (Björn Wahl roos’ latest opinion on constitutional reform) and people flock to your blog.  curious to find out more about what you have written about Nelle and/or constitutional reform. However, your blog is gaping with emptiness. The previous post discussed the position of women on the board of limited companies, and the post before that the importance of music for well-being at work.

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The disappointment is great and the reader probably won’t hang around much longer. Visitor spikes on the blog are fine, but TH Lists it would be better if the visitor traffic were more even. Once the hot topic has cooled down, people will forget about your blog and you will struggle with low traffic again. It is easier with blogs of a limited topic . Writing a limited blog automatically generates more content on the same topic. When a reader comes to your blog, he stays there longer because there is more to read. However, a limited topic blog has the challenge that hot topics may not be available every week. 1.1 Where do you find a hot topic? From media, Facebook groups, Google Trend. Finding a hot topic is all about opening your eyes and looking around. For example, the most shared post ” 48 ways to promote business when it’s quiet ” started on Facebook. I had been following the discussions in a Facebook group for some time and noticed a clear trend in the discussions. So I knew what people wanted. 1.2.

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