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Datosmacro.com/paises/comparar/usa/china ). On the unit states side, perhaps the most important thing in the short term will be the winner of the november presidential elections. The markets are practically discounting a victory for hillary clinton (even more so after the results of the three debates), which, as oppos to her rival trump in economic terms, is interpret as positive. With a closing gdp forecast for 2016 around 1.6% and low inflation at 1.3%, the north american nation nes even more time to fully recover.

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 The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU, http://gfs.eiu.com/ ) points to 2.3% in GDP for 2017 in its report this month. Although it has been interpret that the F could be about to slightly adjust the reference rate (and that will put some upward pressure on our exchange rate), beyond 2017 the growth forecasts business lead contract. On China’s side, the GDP forecast at the end of 2016 would be 6.6%, already below the rates of over 9% with which it shin between 2002 and 2012 (note that Peru grew above 5% each year between 2002 and 2012, with the notable exception of 2009, the worst year of the last global economic crisis) and with also low inflation (2%).

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 The unknown is whether China will be able to regain spe in its growth, considering that it is the first destination for our main traditional exports (mining). EIU is not very optimistic in this regard, assigning TH Lists a rate of 6% to GDP in 2017, and meager rates of around 4.5% from 2018 onwards, something they have call a “hard landing”, being practically half of the rates it exhibit until a few years ago. Chinese economic growth will not stop, but it will hardly return to the dynamism it show in recent years.

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