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 Our Western vision of phenomena leads us – perhaps – to observe this with curiosity. The growth model that we have incorporat from the West has as its principles capitalism (with different degrees) economically and democracy as a fundamental political value. This is not the Chinese recipe; In its equation, capitalism is configur from the State and political rights are not exercis under the concept of democracy that we know in the West, since it is a single-party system. In the academic environment there is a discussion about the differences between the development of Western and Eastern nations, in a very long-term historical perspective (centuries), and it is occasionally debat whether their models will be sustainable for the future.

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 It should be not here that in times prior to the industrial revolution (that is, when economies had a fundamental agricultural component and human labor was the main productive factor) it was the nations with the largest population that had the greatest economies ( Not in vain did The Economist magazine calculate in 2009 that China and India in the year 1,000 AD would have account for more than 70% of the world GDP at that time). Perhaps business email list the author who best illustrates these differences is Ian Morris, in his highly recommend Why Does the West Rule… For Now? , and along with him also appear professors Niall Ferguson ( Civilization: the West and the Rest ) and Jar Diamond ( Guns, Germs and Steel ) for suggesting two of the most talent and prolix in their presentation, who prec Morris in the analysis.

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 The Peruvian economy represents around 0.3% of world GDP and has China (15% world GDP) and the Unit States (23% world GDP) as its main trading partners, with around 18% and 16% of our exports as destinations, respectively. . If we add to this the ability to attract TH Lists investments from these two giants, and the general implications of their economic policies on other variables (such as the exchange rate, for example), it becomes critical to understand what is happening in both nations, understanding the degree of correlation that our growth has with them (for a comparison of multiple variables between both countries, you can review: http://www.

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