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The importance of targeting content marketing. A lesson from Steve Jobs. March , Views by Luis Maram Steve Jobs Written by Luis Maram Steve. Jobs anecdote that makes clear the importance of focusing and why doing so is vital for content marketing. Read it now! What will you find in this content? Why focus the content? ¿Y Steve Jobs? The morale Being focus. is good advice for professional life in general, however, in content marketing , it takes on core relevance. Steve Jobs Why focus the content? Simple, the one who wants to be everything to everyone, ends up being nothing to anyone.

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Tweet this phraseHe who wants to be every According to HubSpot , there are three guidelines that we should consider in this new stage: Limit your page title to just characters, unlike when we know our traffic comes more from desktop devices, where we could expand to characters. This is achiev. by having titles of approximately words. Here I China Phone Number List leave you a tool to count characters . Place the keywords at the beginning of the title. Look in this note, it starts with “How to write titles Use SEO best practices. That is, do not try to force the title to fit the keywords, since for Google it is more important that it be read naturally. If you find the post useful, share it on Google+ Which has benefits.

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That the snippets or the Google search results tab, on mobile phones, can be read quickly, maintaining relevance, which is one of the most important factors in the user’s decision to click. See how they appear on a smartphone: mobile search Likewise, on Twitter you leave free space for users to add or comment on the article, since a -character title TH Lists still leaves them of space. Take a look at this example of the tweet and RTHow to use Instagram for content marketing via storytelling February Viewsbylouis maram Learn how and why you should use Instagram for content marketing, through Storytelling.

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