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That the university uses its Instagram as a tool to attract young people to its campus. Retain students and develop a sense of belonging in them (attraction, conversion and loyalty in its broadest sense. All from the hand of Father Marquette. Who isa statue! One that. Yes, a statue that is includ. in every important photo of the school that is upload. To Instagram, narrating it as if he were the character who is living on campus. Touring it at every important point or event. The bio featur. on this Instagram is. I am an adventurous Jesuit. Namesake of Marquette University.

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Follow me on my tour of the #Milwaukee campus and beyond. Pay attention to the above because if you notic. The bio has a hashtag, which students can use to tag other photos and/or updates on Instagram. Twitter and other networks. And what is publish. The cute statue of Father Marquette speaks and appears in everything to do with the Germany Phone Number List university: that’s his daily life! From posing with the mascot, wishing Merry Christmas, talking about the weather on campus, inviting to the library or welcoming new students to create engagement. We have already talk. about how to use social networks to create storytelling on your site, but this is even faster and easier because it can be done with a single tool.

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It’s about telling the story of the campus through the eyes of the character involving all those who have something to do with the institution. The example that I bring you to understand this is Father Marquettewhat who? It is about a TH Lists French Jesuit religious, missionary and explorer. and a university is nam. after him, Marquette University in Milwaukee. We have already talk. about the benefits of content marketing for universities , but what is the specific importance of Instagram in this.

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