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The Legolize case

Who has perfected the style, so as to become a benchmark of humorous communication is undoubtedly Legolize . It is a Facebook page born in 2016 as an author of humorous cartoons featuring LEGOs . Legolize has subsequently expanded from strength to strength, also landing on Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn , and more recently, TikTok . Adding up the audience reached on the various social networks, the project conceived by Mattia Marangon , Samuele Rovituso and Pietro Alcaro can currently count on an audience of over 1.5 million followers .

The success of Legolize allowed the founders to expand their services, eventually UAE Phone Number List becoming a content marketing consultancy agency . Mattia Marangon spoke about the results achieved by Legolize on the occasion of the episode of the webinar of L’Eco della Stampa #ECOffee broadcast in streaming on 27 October.

During his speech, responding to Luigi Beretta and to the various questions posed by users, Mattia Marangon thus revealed some secrets behind the success of Legolize . Moving the hands back to 2016, Marangon has revealed the assumptions that gave birth to the idea. “ The project was born during my work experience in an accounting firm. Probably the very lack of creativity in my daily work allowed me to pour my complete inventiveness into the project ”.

In addition to this background, Mattia Marangon stated that from the start the intention was to ” create a recognizable humorous project “. For this reason , LEGOs lent themselves perfectly to this vision, since “ everyone knows them and furthermore the expressions remain impassive. Whatever happens ”.

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The secrets behind success told by Mattia Marangon

The protagonists Ugo Legozzi, Pina, Baffo were born from this concept, who “help to make users become attached and create a community. User retention has led to the growth of the audience, which is our greatest asset for conquering potential customers” .

In fact, after the interlude as an accountant, today Mattia Marangon has established himself as a marketing consultant, both individually and with Legolize itself. The impressive number of followers is one of the best calling cards for companies that choose to turn to them to set up an effective social media campaign.

During the intervention there is no lack of some small advice on how to set up a communication strategy taking into account the peculiarities that distinguish the different platforms. In fact, as the host of the L’Eco della Stampa webinar claims, “We need to take social media into account to personalize the editorial line. However, using the same Tone of voice allows us to be recognizable on any social media we publish” . 

One of the surprises is the following obtained on TH Lists LinkedIn, considered the social network par excellence for companies and therefore the most serious. Despite this, “the less institutional format has allowed us to obtain great satisfaction also on LinkedIn, allowing us to get in touch with companies interested in this type of product” .

Legolize is undoubtedly a testimony that confirms the potential of humorous communication in marketing, keeping in mind the warning to handle this tool with extreme care and awareness of the risks of which one can fall victim. To discover the secrets of Legolize ‘s success in detail , you can now watch the on-demand interview on the Media Intelligence Arena platform .

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