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The button will  How To Use Linkin Sales Navigator Boolean Search. To use linkin boolean search efficiently, you ne to master all thedifferent boolean queries. Search for expressions with quotes Search several keywords with AND Search at least one keyword with. OR Exclude keywords with NOT Combine boolean queries with parentheses . Search for expressions with quotes If you want to search for an exact phrase or terms that include. Several words Punctuation Enclose the phrase in quotation marks.

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Addition to other modifiers. For seo expate bd example: “sales manager” “V.P” “account representative” “human resources manager.  If I forget to add the quotes to sales manager, Linkin will understand “sales AND manager“ how to use quote sales navigator boolean search. You see that there are some search results that are not relevant in the screenshot above. However, if I add quotes around “sales manager” in sales navigator boolean search, the results get much better. Better results with quotes boolean search Now, you can see clearly the difference between adding and forgetting the quotes. This really important if you want to build qualifi lead lists and avoid to contact people outside your target.

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With AND If you want to search for profiles TH Lists that include two terms. You can separate those terms with AND. However, you don’t have to use AND Sales AND Director .Sales manager” AND “B B” and boolean operator linkin sales navigator If you enter two terms, the search engine will assume there is an AND between them. . Search at least one keyword with OR If you want to broaden your search to find profiles that include one or more terms, you can separate those terms with OR. OR is most often us to search for alternate spellings, or for terms that mean the same thing. For example: “Sales Operations” OR “Sales Ops” “Vice President” OR “vp” OR “V.P” OR “SVP” OR “EVP” or boolean operator sales navigator.

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