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Worth knowing whose main purpose is almost never positioning. However, when we think about positioning in order to achieve higher positions in Google, correct linking inside our website should be crucial for us. It can drastically increase the visibility of our website in the search engine in a short period of time. Today’s guide will focus on this topic! We will describe what internal website linking is and why it is important to our SEO strategy. We will also answer how to prepare them and add some practical tips regarding the entire scheme. What is internal linking? Internal linking is the process of adding, analyzing and optimizing links within the same domain.

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After clicking on such a link, the user is transferre to another page on the same website. what is internal linking Although the principle of an internal link is the same as photo editor an external link, they differ in the destination . External links are hyperlinks between two different websites and reirect from one domain to another. Internal links, on the other hand, are links in one and the same domain. As we mentione in the introduction, every website that has more than one subpage uses internal linking. The best example of this is the menu, . the main navigation of the website, which contains links reirecting to individual subpages.

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Internal linking in navigation Thanks to the mentione navigation, the user is able to navigate the website in a much more intuitive way. However, this is not the only example and advantage of internal linking. Good to know: A search engine like Google uses links to find out what content on our site is relate and what value it brings. Why are internal links important for SEO? Proper use of internal linking can greatly support TH Lists your overall SEO strategy. This happens by influencing the two most important factors: the user and the search engine. In the case of a search engine.

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