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A Master’s degree will provide you with a more refin. skill set and knowl.ge base, making you a prime candidate for more demanding cyber security positions. Tuition fees for a Master’s degree will tend to be lower than those for a Bachelor’s degree if you study full-time. This is because the length of a full-time program is half of that of a Bachelor’s. You can expect to pay between .5,000 to .50,000 per year for your tuition fees. Jobs you can apply for with a Master’s degree in cyber security If you want to aim for the top jobs in cyber security, then you ideally want to obtain a relevant Master’s degree.

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Many employers will be using more advanc. qualifications to choose ideal candidates for a position. Some examples of mid-level and senior jobs you can apply for with a cyber security Master’s degree include: Chief information security officer Cyber security analyst Security auditor Cyber security specialist Security architect Cyber Austria Phone Number List security consultant Network administrator Penetration tester Cyber security Master’s degree salary Bas. on a few of the positions list. above, you can expect to earn the following starting salaries: Chief information security officer: .106,000 Cyber security analyst: .63,000 Security architect: .79,000 As we can see, starting salaries for some more senior positions are quite high. This means gaining a Master’s degree can offer you a greater earning potential than having just a Bachelor’s degree.

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The top schools for a Master’s cyber security degree Here are a few examples of the top schools offering an online Master’s program in cyber security: Western Governors University’s M.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Florida Tech TH Lists Online’s MS in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Saint Leo University Online’s M.S. in Cybersecurity Cyber security MBA degree A Master of Business Administration in cyber security (MBA) is the same level of degree as a Master’s. The difference is that it combines business topics with cyber security content.

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