Needed To Be Commercialized

It had magnetic cards that stored k of memory, and I was able to write a program to calculate the probability of death of a person from heart disease based on the results of your tests. It worked great, except I immediately used up k of memory. This content is secret, until you share it on Facebook By that time the Apple II had been released, I bought it and it seemed wonderful to me; I wrote a fairly sophisticated program there that could analyze various diagnostic tests for coronary heart disease.

To Be Expanded With People

So I picked up the phone and called Apple in Cupertino. I told the secretary that I wanted to talk to someone about a medical application for the Apple II computer. The secretary connected me directly to Steve Jobs . (Of course, I didn’t know B2B Email List who he was. I didn’t even recognize the name as one of the people who actually invented the computer.) He listened to me for a couple of minutes on the phone. I told him that I would love to talk to him about my idea. He agreed to receive me; I got on a flight and arrived in Cupertino. When I walked into his office, he greeted me in his jeans, a black T-shirt, and sandals.

 B2B Email List

Who Actually Knew More

His desk was absolutely stacked with all sorts of things, including, of course, an Apple II. I described to him what I had been doing, and how impressed I was with his device. Other people thought it was a toy but I saw something serious in it and I thought that with time a kit like this would be on every doctor’s table in the world. I told him that I thought my show could be a means to that end, and I would love to get his thoughts on it, and if he would be TH Lists willing to do something to help advance that idea. He told me that he was very impressed with what I had done, and that he agreed with the potential for the future, but added “frankly, I’m not interested in working with you on this.” I asked him why.

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