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Thing to everyone ends up being nothing to anyone. You ne to define what you are going to talk about in your content and that is ti. To your Buyer Persona and the objective that you pursue. Are you a cardiologist and want to influence the issue of prevention. Then you can generate the best content siteprevention for heart disease. Which can go from a large blog to the extent of your imagination and budget. But you must focus the content. Answering questions, showing trends, showing examples, including infographics, videos, cartoons or any other content. always relat. to prevention for heart disease.

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You can’t talk about anything else; you can’t be distract.. It won’t take long for your audience to start noticing you, trust me. ¿Y Steve Jobs? I know, I know. I’m sure you came in today looking for the Steve Jobs anecdote and here I leave it and Phone Number List with it the previous example is better explain.. George Diamond is now retir. after a long and distinguish. career as a cardiologist at C.ars-Sinai M.ical Center in Los Angeles. But in he was just beginning his career at C.ars, where he was working on devices and statistical methods to improve the diagnosis of heart disease a huge problem that is still far from being solv. today.

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George Diamond, hoy”I bought one of the first programmable handheld calculators, the TI . It had magnetic cards that stor. k of memory, and I was able to write a program to calculate the probability of death of a person from heart disease bas. on the results of your tests. It work. great, except I imm.iately us. up k of memory. This content TH Lists is secret, until you share it on Facebook By that time the Apple II had been releas, I bought it and it seem. wonderful to me; I wrote a fairly sophisticat. program there that could analyze various diagnostic tests for coronary heart disease.

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