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If the post has been less than 20 seconds, it means that the post was not interesting enough to read to the end. 100 words are read in an average of 17 seconds. Even if the post has 500 words, in terms of time, the reader should spend more than a minute on it. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know what factors affect the readability of a post, so I won’t go through them any further here. You might also like: How do you build a strong foundation for your blog? 2.1. Post length The blog myth still lives on in Sitkea, that a post cannot be more than 500 words long. Say what you want, but I know that it’s not about the number of words in the post, but about the content – how useful the reader finds the content. I was training 20 amazing newbie bloggers andthe content of the post.

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Many said that if a blogger only talks about themselves, they – as a reader – will leave the blog and never come back.  admit it, as readers we special data always want to get something out of the content we read. That’s why you should always think about why the reader should spend a few minutes reading your content. There are almost 1600 words in this post as well. On average, my posts are 1200 words long. But as I’ve said before, it’s not about the number of words, it’s about the content. If you can summarize relevant and useful information in 500 words, please do so. 2.2 Images do not save if the content is not sharable In the hectic and ever-changing internet, it’s good if you can add other content alongside the written word. Pictures, videos, podcasts or gifs. But no image can save if the whole is not readable or shareable. Use images wisely.

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 The more pictures there are in the post, the faster post with eyes through the heavier the blog as a whole becomes the slower the post loads and because people can’t wait more than 3 seconds for a post to load, they leave for the next interesting blog. Increase blog post shares by 530.43% (Case Study)2 3. KJM KJM = Write, publish, market = the holy trinity of a professional blogger . When the post is structured TH Lists to proceed logically, it is written in an orthodox way, it has to be eye-catching and useful to the reader, the last touch is the marketing of the post. Many imagine (still) that publishing a post is enough for marketing. That readers magically find posts on the blog to read, without any investment of their own. Blogging is 20% content production and 80% content marketing. With the right marketing strategy, you can get regular visitors to your blog from many different places.

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