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How do you know a topic is hot enough? I don’t have concrete advice to give you, but if the topic is talked about in the media or is actively brought up in a short time on social media, then it’s worth sticking to it. Has anyone else written about it? What kind of shares has he received for the post? What would you write differently yourself? Do you disagree with the author? Maybe you want to bring out a different point of view or a new idea? The most important thing is that you don’t try to come up with hot topics yourself. A need cannot be created out of thin air. Listen to your readers and target  from other blogs. AND remember to keep the hot topic within your own blog topic. 2.

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Narrow down the topic and support it with the right background information This is where the wheat begins to separate from the chaff. Many latest database bloggers skip this point and jump straight to the last one. However, this is critically important if you want to ensure that your post gets shared on social media. The impostor syndrome post started out of necessity. I was just about to launch an online course and the closer the launch got, the more I began to doubt myself and underestimate my skills. Fortunately, I happened to talk about it with Zaki Azetane. We were both of the opinion that it is worth writing about the topic and our own experiences, and for that I got tips worth their weight in gold from Zak. For the post, I started looking for information both in  days to search for information, because the search for information was in tatters. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, 40 minutes in a couple of days. I structure the background material according to the writing process I have developed.

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This way, typing is faster when I don’t have to focus to look for that additional information. If at some point I feel that I need more information, I write down the thought in my notebook and take it up for processing only at the end. 2.1. Write content that sticks to the end Finding the right process for writing a blog post is important. Anyone can write words after words. When you want to write posts that get shared a lot, words alone are not enough. I have been developing a process focused on TH Lists writing a post for 8 months now. Before writing a  post, I always ask myself the same exact questions and answer them in French. In this way, a logically progressing red thread forms for the post, which makes it easier to write the post AND makes the reader read the post closely from beginning to end. If you go to see your own Google Analytics statistics, look at the time spent on the blog post.

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