What Should a Website Positioning Report Contain

Have you concluded a website positioning contract ? The content of this document should therefore include arrangements for reporting the activities carried out by the agency.

But what exactly should be included in such a file and how often should it be sent to you? Can you monitor the company’s activities yourself?

SEO agencies provide clients with reports on their activities, most often after the end of a given month as a summary of the work performed.

However, it cannot be the case that you only receive an invoice without any summary of what you are paying for and what the results of the SEO campaign are at a given stage.

SEO report what should it contain

The company should not hide behind secrecy and, for example, not reveal where it obtained links to your . What information should a positioning report consist of ?

Website visibility report on Google
Most often, companies use reports from to present such Whatsapp Data data. All these tools offer, among others: website visibility analysis, which consists in presenting how many keywords the website is in, in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50.

Everything is shown on a chart so you can see the trend. It’s not that this number has to keep growing – fluctuations in Google are normal and can result from many issues.

Website visibility report on Google

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It may also happen that the website will experience declines for some time due to the radical reconstruction of the TH Lists  and only after some time will it return to growth. You can also monitor the visibility yourself – just verify the website. At Senuto you have the option to test the service for free for 14 days.

Report from Google Search Console
GSC is a treasure trove of knowledge about your website, and the most important information you can find there is a list of search queries that brought the user to your website from Google.

In addition, you also see those phrases that led to the website being displayed in the search results, but did not result in a click.

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