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This is a widely used and easy to understand strategy. If we have the perception of scarcity in reference to a service or product, we will be more stimulated to buy it. This is one of the principles which, despite being the most recognizable, is perhaps also the most effective. Scarcity works because it focuses on the eventual threat of taking away the freedom of choice from a potential buyer. Indeed, if a product runs out, we will no longer be able to buy it.

To this we can add the fact that when we perceive something Canada Phone Number List as rare, difficult to obtain, it could automatically appear to our eyes as more desirable and precious. The buying frenzy that we all experience during Black Friday is an example of this communication strategy.


Even this principle, in marketing psychology, is the basis of many consumer choices and could be summarized as follows: an object, or an idea, is all the more valid the more people believe in it. Social proof can greatly influence a brand’s reputation . This tool can also be used to build the authority of a brand, the more people involved the more, consequently, that brand will become attractive to others, in a very effective ripple effect.

The starting points for a good relationship with your consumers!

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“I’ll be nice to you if you’ll be nice to me.” It is a very simple and basic principle, which is used in the relationship between people, but also between brands and consumers. If a company offers appreciable and useful content to its target users, they will be much more likely to become trusted consumers . Thanks to reciprocity, customers will feel involved in a virtuous exchange relationship with their brand.


This principle is new in our age. Have you ever felt so invaded by TH Lists countless choices that you always fall back on something you already know? This is a very common behavior even in daily life . Do you have a wardrobe that overflows with clothes but do you always choose to wear the usual three single-color shirts every morning? This is the paradox of choice. It is good to keep this principle in mind when studying any advertising material, too much choice can discourage the consumer .


Have you ever noticed that the contents entitled: “How to…” “The 5 tips for…”, are among the most popular? The purpose is precisely to arouse curiosity , from which we immediately derive the need to satisfy it.

In conclusion…

Psychology can help marketing! Consumers of a brand are first of all people, and as people we are all influenced by a series of variables, external or internal, which in some cases can easily make us change our mind or behavior on a particular purchase.

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