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This list of trends that appears as soon as Your Product you click on the search engine is different depending on the location of the device and, therefore, the logged-in user. trends in Google Discover through the search engine Trends shown in the Google Discover search engine Media and Discover Discover represents one of the main sources of traffic currently for digital media , although it is not yet possible to measure it perfectly. Organic traffic can represent between 30 and 40% of users depending on the medium and, of these.

Internet users in Your Product Spain accesses news through Discover

Discover represents more than 30%, accounting top industry data for 50% or 60% of all traffic achieved through Google with peaks which can reach 70 or 80% . These data cannot be extrapolated to all publications, nor to all months of the year or content categories, but they do serve to give us a general idea of ​​the importance of the strategy in this “rear window.” In fact, the percentages of traffic acquisition through Discover are higher for European publishers than for digital publishers in the United States, since the use of Android is more widespread in Europe than that of iOS. Furthermore, we have to take into account that in Spain there is no Google.

All months of the year or content categories

News (third way of attracting TH Lists readers for the media, including. Top Stories and Discover), so the planning and optimization. Of content for this channel is even more relevant. According to the only official data published. Until this month of August 2021, in the. Digital News Report Spain 2021 study, one in four. Internet users in Spain accesses news through Discover. The volatility of this percentage, in fact, is already. Mentioned in Google’s documentation. Due to its random nature, its traffic is less predictable and reliable. Than Search, so it should be considered complementary to Search.

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