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Sites may experience changes in traffic that are Your Weekly unrelated to the quality or frequency of publication of their content.” Can I rank on Discover if I am not a media outlet? The quick and short answer is: yes. Sometimes this source of traffic can bring more users than the organic positioning itself on some websites. Google also says that all content that is in the index and meets Discover policies can appear in it. There is no need to use structured data or any special labeling. Even so, it is not guaranteed that if all the guidelines are met, we will position our content here.

Traffic can bring more Your Weekly users than the organic positioning

Google refers to the concepts EAT (experience, authority industry email list and trust) as an important factor to also position in Discover (it is already a ranking factor for search). Disclaimer: Now, although all the content of all the websites that meet the requirements can rank in Discover, it is true that the media has a greater capacity to generate new content that is trending or viral with respect to other sites and that its value EAT is surely very strong too. How to position in Google Discover? It’s the million dollar question! In fact, perhaps you have come here directly.

We must be clear that although Search and Discover

Through the index, and without reading the previous TH Lists five points because here is the crux of the matter . Therefore, we are going to make it easy for you and name the characteristics and factors that are most helping the content to position itself in Discover . We must be clear that although Search and Discover share similar content guidelines, the strategy for both must be different: Have more than 10% CTR Fresh and recently published content: articles can usually last between 24 and 48 hours in the feed Current topics, breaking news and trends High volume of traffic in a short time (also called buzz factor ): getting a topic to become viral or trend (or join it).

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