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Hartford Public, New Britain Public, and Wethersfield Library all offer some form of computer class, whether in-person or online via services like Lynda. These are far from the only locations to do so, however. We’d recommend reaching out to your local library to see if it offers anything similar. Thanks to this state’s senior citizen waiver, if you’re 62+ and interest in pursuing a cybersecurity or IT qualification, you can do so without paying tuition at any University of Connecticut or Connecticut State University campuses. Delaware Delaware actually has its own cybersecurity hub, call DigiKnow. However, it only really offers the most basic information, and doesn’t have much in the way of actionable advice. Nonetheless, it could still be a decent jumping off point for complete beginners.

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Plenty of Delaware libraries provide online computing and IT courses. These are usually offer via LearningExpress or Universal Learning, so you’ll most likely ne a library card to access them. Some locations also run in-person training but this varies from one branch to another. Luckily, the Delaware Department of Libraries has a list Kazakhstan Phone Number List of all public libraries and their contact information, so finding out what services are available at your local branch should be pretty straightforward. The Delaware Code gives adults ag 60 or older the right to attend the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, or Delaware Technical and Community College for full crit without paying tuition, application, or registration fees.

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The only things you’ll have to pay for are supplies and books. Florida Manatee County, Palm Beach County, and Lake County libraries all offer a variety of tech-focus Zoom classes covering TH Lists everything from computing fundamentals to browsing social mia safely. Obviously, given the sheer number of libraries in Florida, we couldn’t find out exactly what programs each branch offers, so we strongly advise getting in touch yourself to find out about what kind of training, if any, is on offer.

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