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Good news for anyone considering higher ucation: per Section 89330 of the California ucation Code, California residents ag 60 or over can attend California State University colleges without having to pay tuition. Further, application fees are waiv and all other charges are ruc to $1. Colorado Colorado Virtual Library has a collection of resources you can use to gain a broad understanding of digital literacy and digital citizenship. The Florida Department of Finance has a program call Operation SAFE that’s design to ucate older citizens about the most common scams. This isn’t strictly limit to online scams, but there are sections on phishing, tech support scams, and the extremely common romance scam. Secure Florida offers free in-person computer awareness training, with a specific 45-minute presentation for seniors. However, it’s primarily design for larger groups of people, so it’s not a great choice for solo study.

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The 2020 Florida Statutes say that any resident ag 60 or older can attend a state university without paying tuition or any relat fees. However, no crit will be given. Georgia The Georgia Technology Authority has a decent cybersecurity resource center with informational pamphlets and links to the respect cybersecurity platforms run by the FBI Kenya Phone Number List and National Cybersecurity Alliance. It may not offer the most in-depth information, but it’s certainly a good place to start learning. Older adults can drop into their local Goodwill Career Center for free computer classes. Alternatively, some libraries (like Middle Georgia Regional) provide in-person training, but you’ll have to ask around to see if your local branch offers this. Fulton County even offers weekly Zoom webinars with titles like “Internet Security for Seniors” and “Intro to Windows.

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Better still, while you have to be a Fulton County resident to attend live, anyone can stream the recordings afterward on the Fulton County YouTube channel. Looking to learn about computers at college? If you’re at least 62 years old, you can attend any University of Georgia campus without paying tuition, application, or registration fees. You will still be TH Lists liable for any supplies (such as books and other learning materials) requir for your course. Hawaii The Hawaiian government’s Department of Defense actually has a pretty impressive list of cybersecurity resources, including video tutorials and blog posts detailing the basics of safe browsing.

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