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Humorous communication has developed in recent years, especially with the rise of social media , as a new and effective marketing lever . On platforms such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and TikTok , in fact, humorous content manages to create a high level of involvement for users, who appreciate reading and reposting posts capable of making them smile on their profiles. In today’s article, we delve into the issue with the participation of Mattia Marangon and Legolize.

Memes  GIFs videos and funny

Cartoons can be re-shared even millions of times if particularly spot on. One of the keys that allows a humorous post to be successful in the digital world is being able to entertain France Phone Number List your audience, even if for a few seconds. If successful, this tool can allow a significant increase in image for the author, be it a simple user or a company .

For this reason, more and more companies are ready to focus on this unconventional model of advertising for their products and services. The potential engagement offered by these contents can in fact lead to objectively verifiable results, such as a significant increase in sales .

Humorous communication: how does it work?

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Humor  one’s personal reputation. A study conducted by the Bell Leadership Institute , a consultancy company active in the education sector for business executives, has shown how sense of humor is one of the most sought-after qualities in leaders .

This method of communicating guarantees, according to the analysis, several advantages. Among these, that of arousing enthusiasm in the people of the team in reaching a goal and effectively transmitting and defining a goal. The natural consequence of such an approach is to create a comfortable working environment and, therefore, an increase in productivity.

Obviously, as in any form of communication, it is necessary to develop specific know-how in this field too. In fact, improvisation or lack of knowledge risk generating more damage than anything else, compromising one’s image and giving rise to consequences, even very negative ones, for one’s brand .

How to set up a humorous communication


Similarly, a comment or humorous phrase that is considered inappropriate could also put a working environment at risk . The author would risk losing his authority within the group in this way.

Recently, however, the trend has changed and it has been possible to observe highly effective examples also in communication between company and company.

A company can stand out from the others for its ability TH Lists to know how to convey a professional message using a light tone , but not for this trivial or flat. In this case more than ever it is necessary to handle this tool with care which could easily turn out to be a boomerang. In this regard, a necessary tool to check the results is certainly that of social media monitoring .

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