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Most libraries in the Anoka County, Pioneerland, and Hennepin County systems offer online classes via LearningExpress. There’s no charge for these, although some Hennepin County libraries require you to have a card in order to access them. The Department of Commerce has a basic pamphlet call “The Hang Up on Fraud toolkit” that outlines the most common types of scams you’re likely to encounter. As you might expect, this focuses primarily on phone-bas scams, but the information it provides could still be helpful for identifying fraudulent emails and phishing attempts. Section 135A.52 of the 2020 Minnesota Statutes says that senior citizens (anyone 62 or older) can attend college without paying tuition or activity fees.

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That said, there is very little actionable material here, and it’s really only design to give you a surface-level understanding of online threats. Once again, local libraries have stepp up to address a Malta Phone Number List huge hole in the state’s digital literacy plan. Waynesboro Wayne County Library, for instance, holds a weekly three-hour computer fundamentals class. Alternatively, you can visit the Central Mississippi Regional Library system’s website and log into LearningExpress or GCFLearnFree classes without even neing a library card. This grants you access to a wide range of computer training, free of charge. If you’re interest in attending college for a computer-relat course, it pays to send out a few emails beforehand. That’s because every institution has different waivers and discounts.

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For instance, the University of Mississippi allows older adults (65+) to take one tuition-free class per semester, whereas Mississippi State University allows for two, as long as they’re online or at the Starkville or Meridian campuses. Missouri Missouri offers its residents a ton of ways to ucate themselves about computers. For instance, the Cyber Seniors project offers free in-person training at 10 neighborhood centers in and around Springfield. You could also choose to attend a class at TH Lists Widtown Carnegie Branch Library, Farmington Public Library, or Daviess County Library. Again, if we haven’t mention your local library here, we’d encourage you to reach out to them directly and find out what computer training programs they have to offer.

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