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Traffic can be captured to the Crucial Updates published URL through push notifications. Messaging services, newsletters and social networks. Images larger than 1,200 pixels wide and implemented with. “Max-image-preview:large”: this is. Google’s recommendation. It will also help us if they are of high quality. With attractive text or graphic designs, designed to increase the CTR. Eye-catching headlines , but avoiding clickbait. Place the news on the homepage Work on the. EAT of the medium: expand information about the author of the content (biography, social networks).

Images larger than 1,200 Crucial Updates pixels wide and implemented

How to title for Discover? You have probably already noticed that category email list the headlines in Discover are not simple informative headlines that report the fact or the protagonist without further ado. Most of the headlines that we find in the feed are striking and generate a “strong emotion”, they encourage the click to find out more or, simply, to know what or who is behind that headline, the answer to a question or even the title itself. protagonist. Often, neither the photo nor the headline includes the subject of the action (therefore not the main entity of the news), precisely to get that visit.

Discover news about Bertín Osborne Discover news about Terelu

In the examples that you will find below you can see what tone is used to title some content TH Lists designed to position in Discover. In this case, the use of language is shown to make the headline more striking. Discover news about Ferreras. Discover news about Bertín Osborne Discover news about Terelu Campos Discover news about eating banana Discover news about eating sushi According to the current operation of the algorithm, some of the headline techniques that work the most in Discover are lists , questions and the use of punctuation marks and attractive headlines , taken to the limit of clickbait , since Google assures that it penalizes this practice .

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