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Define the rules

Alongside creativity, it is important to define the rules of the community. In fact, any group is linked by one or more common elements and it is useful for them to be clear. Otherwise it will be difficult for people to understand whether or not they are part of the community itself.

This is spread over several floors. First of all, the advice is to define Greece Phone Number List a transparent and accurate social media policy . Secondly, however, observing and listening to people can help you identify not only if they respond to the definitions set, but also if content moderation needs spontaneously emerge.

5. Rely on professionals

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Finally what for some may be the sore point. Creating and managing a community is not a quick and easy task. On the contrary, in recent years some professional figures have specialized and can support the company’s marketing office, or the owner in the case of small brands for more effective action.

What are these figures?

  • Social media manager and community manager who are TH Lists responsible for stimulating conversations, responding to comments and doubts, moderating the discussion if it gets tense;
  • Graphic designer who deals with the development of the graphic identity of the community. It may seem like a non-urgent activity, but visually recognizing each other in the group, or receiving some special gadget can make people even more loyal;
  • Analyst or social media listener, those figures who deal with the collection of data that emerge from the community in order to be able to measure its effects;
  • Community advisor, probably the most recent among those mentioned. Your role is to contribute to the development of positive and effective experiences for members of online communities. It is a point of reference, but also a nexus between the brand, content managers and people.

We just have to put these ideas into practice and start building a community. Reminding us how, by putting ideas, values ​​and conversation starters into circulation, we can highlight and value what we have in common with those who buy our products and our services. And from this listening and this sharing, a solid path of growth and development can only arise. 

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