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Draw your strategy

Every communication activity starts from here, from the strategy. In this phase, it is necessary to define what are the objectives for which you want to create a community. Connect who is already a customer? Expand the user base? Make yourself known? Each objective corresponds to different actions.

Equally important is defining who you imagine might be part of your community. Knowledge of the target is the compass that will guide your choices. 

An effective strategy also includes defining the times in which to carry out the various community creation steps. Do not rush! Relationships and trust take time. Consider working a few months before you get tangible results.

 Identify digital places in your community

After defining objectives, targets, strategic actions and timing, you can map the digital context and identify which places are suitable for your community. If, for example, you deal with luxury beauty Brazil Phone Number List products, you can opt for Instagram. If, on the other hand, always in the beauty sector you offer effective products for young people, you cannot miss the opportunities of Tik Tok.

Should we forget Facebook? Not at all! There are very active communities around online training platforms. Often together with the subscription it is possible to “purchase” access to a private Facebook group where members of the community, in fact, exchange opinions and suggestions. 

The digital places where you can create your community are almost endless and constantly updated. There are social networks, but also blogs, forums, newsletters, and even site comments. Let’s think of the online newspaper Il Post which, for some years, has reserved the possibility of commenting on articles only to subscribers precisely to encourage constructive discussion.

Choose your tone of voice and how to express your creativity 

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At this point we can imagine that your community exists. What TH Lists to do then? The brand has the task of getting people talking, stimulating conversations and offering ideas. To do this, it is essential to decide the tone of voice of the brand in the context of the community. More or less informal than the site? Consistent with social media? Does the dialogue with the community take place on social channels or in reserved spaces?

Whoever manages the community – a specific professional figure as we will see shortly – then identifies the most suitable creative content to start conversations. They can be videos, surveys, questions, calls to action. There are no limits to creativity and ideas: the closer they are to the sensitivity possible to purchase products and services offered by the brand. 

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