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In the field of communication and marketing  we would say that it is essential.

For this reason, real time marketing , or instant marketing, is becoming increasingly popular, also as a result of the continuous changes in the digital world .
But what is real time marketing. And how, for example, has a brand like Ikea exploited it ?

Real time marketing: a definition

There is no completely unambiguous definition.

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However, we can describe it as a strategy chosen by brands to act instantly, in marketing or communication , in response to anniversaries, extraordinary events and viral trends , but also user feedback or market trends.
Real time marketing is thus declined in many activities, from content on social media to guerrilla marketing.
For this we distinguish two major types of real time marketing :

  • Unplanned/responsive: unplannable because it is Oman Phone Number List generated by current news or public reactions.
  • Planned/proactive: can be planned on the basis of local, corporate events, or even assumptions made thanks to predictive analysis.

Why choose real-time marketing?

The acceleration brought by the digital world in various aspects of our life explains the birth of real time marketing and the tendency to adopt it by companies.
Events, news, hot topics and related opinions are spreading more and more rapidly with the help of the Internet.
Furthermore, real time marketing also allows you to expose yourself to social and current issues, a fact that consumers often take into account.
Seizing the right opportunity leads to several direct benefits:

  • Increase brand awareness : improving the awareness TH Lists and familiarity of the target with a certain brand becomes easier with communication that also relies on real time marketing ;
  • Attracting new customers or retaining existing ones (with original and direct communication );
  • Highlight the differences and strengths compared to competitors, focusing on the added value that the brand can bring;
  • Establish a more direct contact with your audience: real time marketing creates new possibilities for discussion. It deviates from typical communication schemes , and allows you to get closer to consumers and to propose a more positive or authentic image of the brand.

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