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Marketing psychology  is the discipline that deals with investigating the behaviors, thoughts and motivations that drive consumers, or people, to purchase and consume actions. Let’s ask ourselves, what do people think before making a purchase? What are the emotions that move them towards a certain action? We know how, more and more often, many professionals who deal with marketing and communication choose to use some specific psychological principlesto engage their consumers more, by observing behaviors from an action-oriented perspective. Here, in today’s special, we offer you a general picture of what are the most interesting applications of psychology in marketing.

Marketing and advertising

For anyone involved in a communication strategy, marketing or advertising of a brand, it is important to know the difference that the details that impact consumer psychology New Zealand Mobile Number List can make. Marketing psychology should play a key role in an advertising campaign . In fact, by analyzing the actions of potential customers, as well as their motivations and emotions, it is possible to predict purchasing behavior and make one’s communication more effective.

Obviously it is not a question of acting aggressively, but of placing the right care and attention in respect of one’s consumer. Marketing psychology is a way to get closer to your customers, to intercept what their real needs , desires and aspirations are.

Psychology helps marketing

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Have you ever heard of inbound marketing ? No, this is not the usual declination of content marketing , but it is a strategy that uses some principles of psychology that can help marketers to engage TH Lists their audience more. The involvement of people is essential . As a famous Confucius quote says “Talk to me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.”

Understanding your audience , listening to them, is a prerequisite for any type of communication.

The principles of psychology that can be applied to marketing.


Priming is a perfect example of how subtle changes can impact an entire communication. Priming focuses on those reactions that we cannot control, but which affect the person’s decision-making dynamics.

Sounds complicated, but it’s not. Principle that is based on detail. In fact very often it is precisely the details of an advertising campaign that remain impressed: a particular colour , an inscription or carefully selected music .


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