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HOW TO APPLY CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY ACCORDING TO PHILIP KOTLER Content marketing strategy according to Philip Kotler is bas on three basic principles: creating valuable content, building engagement and using all available channels. The first step is to create valuable content that will meet the nes and expectations of your audience. The content should be interesting, useful and in line with the brand profile. It is important that the content is regularly updat and adapt to the changing nes of the audience. The next step is to build engagement.

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To achieve this, you should encourage your audience to interact with your brand through comments, participation in surveys, contests and other activities. The last step is to use all available channels. Content marketing should be present on all platforms such as websites, blogs, social mia, mobile apps, emails and more. It is important that the content is tailor to each channel and that it is updat regularly. Content marketing strategy according to Philip Kotler is an effective way to build engagement and increase brand awareness. Compliance with these three basic rules will allow you to achieve your goals. HOW TO USE CONTENT MARKETING TO BUILD A BRAND ACCORDING.

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TO PHILIP KOTLER Philip Kotler, one of the most famous authorities in the field of marketing, believes that content marketing is an effective tool for building a brand. Content marketing is about creating and distributing content that is interesting and TH Lists valuable to the audience. Content marketing can be us to strengthen brand image, build trust and evoke positive emotions. Kotler argues that content marketing can be us to enhance a brand’s image by creating content that aligns with its values ​​and mission. This content should be interesting and valuable to the recipients to attract their attention and encourage them to act. Content marketing can also be us to build trust by creating content that is authentic and crible.

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