The Simple Guide to Building a Martech Stack

There is no one marketing tool that can handle all marketing processes and enable team collaboration at the same time. And even if there is, it won’t be the best at everything. This reason alone is why marketers need to look for various tools to put together their martech stacks. It’s no wonder why there is no such “miracle” tool yet. Marketing processes can be quite complex. For example, this is our blog content creation process: As you can see, there are multiple stages in this process. Thing is, those stages need different tools; one for keyword research, one for writing.

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Communication, a couple for publishing, etc. Generally, the more tactics you use and the more processes you create, the more tools you’ll need in your martech executive data stack. But this process of amassing ad hoc solutions can easily get out of control and hurt your performance. So let’s try to avoid that and start from the beginning: What is a martech stack? “Martech” is short for marketing technology. You’d be better off with a streamlined design tool like Figma or UXPin. With the right technology, you can set up systems that personalize your website’s texts, images, displayed products, and more. This way, instead of showing generalized messages that are “all things to all people,” you can display content that feels like it was specifically prepared for the reader.

What is martech used for

The short answer: probably everything. Personally, I was amazed when I found out there is a dedicated tool for transferring content from Google Docs to TH Lists WordPress—something I’ve done manually for years. I never thought I might need a tool like Wordable. But now there’s no turning back. So it’s really good to know what’s out there in terms of marketing technology. Here are some of the main areas where you can use martech: Here, martech offers tools for teamwide collaboration, getting feedback, no-code page building, and streamlined visual content creation.

For example, while looking for a design tool, you will inevitably The Simple come across Adobe’s Creative Suite. While it offers great tools, they’re a bit of an overkill for marketers.

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