Pogo Sticking in SEO and how does it influence

How many times do you take user behavior into account on your site. Today I want to talk to you about Pogo Sticking in SEO, a variable or factor that is increasingly important for Google. And that can seriously harm the position of your website in the SERP if you do not detect and correct it. Beyond the bounce rate that we all know, and the time a user spends on our website. There are other lesser-known factors that Google also takes into account. Topics that may more or less negatively affect the positioning of our site. Therefore, today we will see the definition of Pogo Sticking. The causes that can cause this unpleasant situation for your interests and also. I will give you some tips to avoid it.

What is Pogo Sticking?

Pogo Sticking in SEO is called the behavior of a user who has entered your website from Google and who. Using email contact list the back arrow on their browser, returns to the SERP to access another result from the same list. Implying that this content is not the most relevant to your search intent. That is, the moment they enter their search into Google. They enter one website and go back to the SERP to enter another, and so on. And the jump that a person makes from one website to the next can be so fast that it seems like they are using a pogo stick. I’m going to give you a very simple example. That I’m sure you’ve also experienced as a user. Imagine that you are looking for a cooking recipe. You enter your query in the search engine and. As always. Google shows you the page with the results that contain the reason for your query.

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You enter the first option that you liked, but it turns out that it is a website. Where the explanation is in text with a video and you wanted to see TH Lists it step by step in photos. The most logical thing, then, is that you click on the back left arrow to return to the SERP results page. You see another website that can solve your question the way you want and you access it. However, when you enter there is something about its interface or content that you don’t like. And you go back again… and repeat the same steps as before. Until you finally find the ideal answer for you. Every time you enter a website from Google. And then click the back button in the browser bar. To return again to your initial search (because that result does not convince you. And you enter another one.

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